Stratos develops infographic outlining key issues affecting public confidence in energy development to serve as a basis for multi-party dialogue.

Stratos works on a wide variety of energy development policies, regulation and industry practices in Canada where public and community confidence are important issues. Energy development in Canada finds itself in a difficult time, partly due to the following:

  • Weak public confidence and a lack of community acceptance
  • Indigenous rights, including protection of traditional land and ensuring fair benefits
  • Canadian society’s understanding of the transition to a low-carbon economy

These factors create the need for innovative policy and regulation, improved industrial practices, and intuitive community development supported by effective dialogue and collaboration. Stratos works on a number of these aspects, including helping governments and industries understand these challenges. An example of this type of work is the Energy Development Cycle framework (see link below).

Federal, Provincial and Territorial Energy-and-Mines Ministers at their annual conference (EMMC) focused on how to restore public confidence regarding energy development. Drawing on our experience with government policy, regulation, and programmes and industry best practices on environmental and social performance and engagement, Stratos prepared a visual representation of the key issues affecting public confidence and community acceptance, including possible solutions that governments can apply (see: Energy Development Cycle).  This visual can serve as a basis for dialogue and for measuring and reporting on government, industry and community actions.