Stratos Insights from the Nunavut Mining Symposium

Stefan Reinecke of Stratos’s mining team was at the Nunavut Mining Symposium April 7-10 in Iqaluit, Nunavut. The conference provided an opportunity for industry, government, community leaders, regional Inuit organizations, and other practitioners to present on, and discuss, recent developments and initiatives. Nunavut, where several large and high grade mineral deposits have been identified, remains an area of high interest for the mining sector, but the environmental and socio-economic conditions in the territory present significant barriers to establishing socially and environmentally acceptable mine operations that are also profitable. The beneficiaries of the Nunavut Land Claim Agreement (NLCA) are determined to do development right – to learn from past mistakes, build on best practices, and maximize the long-term well-being of Nunavummiut communities. Mining companies too have expressed their desire to work cooperatively with local communities to ensure mining operations support common goals. Stratos has recently undertaken studies to analyze the unique dimensions of the environmental and socio-economic barriers in two regions of Nunavut – West Kitikmeot and Qiqiktani – drawing on our work and expertise in sustainable resource management in the North and our broader experience in the mining sector.