Stratos is pleased to announce that we have become a member of Carbon613!

Carbon 613 is a made-in-Ottawa, target-based sustainability program for businesses. Hosted by EnviroCentre and partnering with Sustainability Co-Labs, Carbon613 is engaged in supporting and building a network of local businesses who are intent on achieving sustainability success. Member organizations are assisted with setting, tracking, and achieving sustainability targets and goals; and are provided with a comprehensive education program, as well as expert knowledge and resources

As a network of companies and organizations who are intent on reducing carbon emissions and communicating the value of responsible sustainable business strategies, Carbon613’s focus areas, as they relate to corporate sustainability, reflect many of Stratos’ own objectives. Stratos, as a Carbon613 member, will be setting a target for GHG reductions which will be tracked using Carbon613’s metrics. Carbon613’s network provides Stratos with an opportunity to exchange information and best practices with other organizations, learn from Carbon613’s collection of corporate sustainability data, as well as providing Carbon613 with effective sustainable strategies that Stratos itself employs.

We look forward to engaging and working with this important grassroots sustainability network in the Ottawa region!