What It's Like to be a Stratos Intern

My internship started out in perhaps not the most conventional manner – after working for a mere 8 days I left on a 5 week trip to travel with my mom across the globe. After seeing a little slice of the world, I came back to work refreshed and ready to be thrown in to all kinds of fascinating projects.

Drafting workshop reports for a variety of public sector clients, contributing to research and comparative analyses of energy sources, learning the ins and outs of risk management in mining practices and even helping out on a few left field requests* is just a sample of the projects and tasks I was a part of during my time at Stratos.

The projects I enjoyed working on the most were those which I was a part of from start to finish, seeing the development from proposal right through to the final product. Specifically working on innovation related projects in the field of energy, as well as enhancing regulatory practices and governance regimes.

Spending the better part of the past seven years as a student and working in various capacities for the public sector, the biggest learning curve was adopting the mindset of creating something for/with a client (as opposed to creating something for your own organization), and the associated budget and time constraints. I look forward to carrying on the practice of prioritizing my time (given any type of constraint), to deliver the most meaningful results throughout my career.

In a word, I would define my internship at Stratos as rewarding. At the risk of sounding too saccharine, Stratos is full of the most thoughtful people you are likely to ever meet, creating a welcoming workplace atmosphere ripe with opportunities to grow your skill set and contribute to a dynamic organization.

*An internship at Stratos is not the typical intern experience. I was only asked to get coffee and a cookie once - and it was a cookie emergency.


Stratos is now accepting applications for our Fall-Winter Internship position. Please click here for more details. Applications will be accepted until Tuesday, June 20th at 4:00 pm EST.