Working with the GOC to enhance innovation

Innovation has become increasingly important for Canadian organizations as they work to compete and respond to the Government of Canada’s innovation agenda. Being innovative means looking for new ways to add value; but what could that look like in your organization?

Stratos recently held a workshop with a federal government organization to help them identify ways to deepen their culture of innovation.  The workshop provided a space to:

  1. Build a common understanding of innovation and the benefits of enhancing a culture of innovation
  2. Identify and appreciate the diversity of thinking styles within the team, and how these styles relate to innovation
  3. Co-develop practical ways to enhance innovation
  4. Identify possible barriers / challenges to transitioning to a more innovative culture and what might be done to mitigate them

Some of the strategies identified at the workshop include:

  • Supporting the structured process of thinking innovatively, in teams and individually
  • Making the space and time to push boundaries, share ideas, and work together
  • Feeding off of each other’s thinking preferences and strengths
  • Having informal and informative brown bag lunches or debriefs
  • Assigning “innovation champions” for each policy shop to reinforce the above strategies


To discuss how Stratos can help your organization cultivate a culture of innovation, contact Jennifer Davis or Jane Porter.