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Helping Canada Achieve its Science Vision


Federal science and technology (S&T) play a vital role in helping Canada tackle complex issues like climate change, emerging diseases, access to clean drinking water, the threat of microplastics and more. These challenges require interdisciplinary knowledge and cross-departmental collaboration to support evidence-based policy, economic sustainability and to deliver services to the public. Laboratories Canada is an investment in sustainable, multipurpose, collaborative federal science and technology infrastructure that will shape government science for decades to come. This investment also requires a re-think of mandates, policies, program design, lifecycle management and financial authorities.


Our approach Since 2018, Stratos has collaborated with Laboratories Canada staff to stand up this initiative by providing support in the areas of governance, strategy, program development, engagement, and data solutions. This includes: • Supporting governance committees shape a new vision for federal science and science priorities

  • Designing and communicating governance structures and relationships
  • Developing and reviewing program management processes and approaches • Enabling the definition of mandates, roles and responsibilities
  • Designing and facilitating dozens of collaborative workshops
  • Developing organizational and topic specific strategies
  • Supporting Indigenous reconciliation through education, training, and strategies for socio-economic benefits in collaboration with our Indigenous partners
  • Identifying and managing risks
  • Developing data solutions to support work planning

Laboratories Canada

Science, Innovation and Clean Economy



Although still in an early stage, we are delighted to help the Laboratories Canada team transform federal science and infrastructure delivery. Some of our shared accomplishments include:

  • Establishing five science collaboration hubs in critical areas including: natural resources sustainability, regulatory science, transportation science, aquatic science and cultural heritage
  • Redesigning construction governance and delivery processes to drive a science-first approach and inclusion of other key policy objectives like climate mitigation and Indigenous inclusion
  • Moving towards a whole of science approach to managing the science asset class, equipment, and IM/IT
  • Integrating lessons learned from other government initiatives and reviews (e.g., Phoenix, Goss Gilroy, Nadler Report, Fixed Asset Review, etc.)
  • Breaking down silos across government and creating an integrated and collaborative program delivery office

For more information on Stratos’ work in Science, Innovation and Clean Economy, contact Jennifer Davis at jdavis@stratos-sts.com