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Strategic Advice to the Northern Contaminated Sites Program


The Northern Contaminated Sites Program (NCSP) was established to address the legacy of historic and poor environmental management practices by industry and government in Canada’s North. Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada (CIRNAC) is responsible for the management of 156 contaminated sites in the North, representing an estimated $4.3 billion in environmental liabilities. Starting in 2000, Stratos worked as a strategic advisor to government departments and agencies responsible for managing portfolios of contaminated sites and abandoned mines including providing strategic advisory and management support services to assist NCSP in furthering the management of its portfolio of contaminated sites.


Stratos has effectively supported NCSP through a variety of different services working with NCSP Headquarters, the Regional Offices in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, the Project Technical Office, and with major projects including Colomac, Resolution Island, the Giant Mine Remediation Project, the Faro Mine Remediation Project and others. This support has ranged from policy and governance advice, to strategic planning, to implementation support and capacity building. Stratos supported the development and implementation of the NCSP Integrated Risk Management Program including Technical Risk procedures. Stratos has supported the development and evolution of corporate procedures and the design and development a comprehensive orientation training program for the NCSP (including a new employee handbook, Buddy system guidance, and a Shadow and Exchange experience) through extensive regional/HQ collaboration.  Stratos Chairman, Michael van Aanhout served as an expert witness concerning environmental management, engagement, and oversight on behalf of the Giant Mine Remediation Project team during Environmental Assessment hearings at the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board. More recently, Stratos has supported the development of Socio-Economic strategies at the program and project level for the NCSP. These are just a few examples of the extensive projects Stratos has supported regarding NCSP in the past 20 years.

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The work that Stratos has completed for NCSP represents our commitment to effective and innovative approaches by supporting the strategic management of a unique and complex program. This support has resulted in continuously improvement of the effective management of NCSP’s portfolio of contaminated sites and progress towards achieving the overall program objectives:

  • To manage contaminated sites in a priority-based, cost-effective and consistent manner
  • Reduce, or eliminate, where possible, risks to human and environmental health
  • Decrease the federal environmental liability associated with contaminated sites in the North

“Stratos was a trusted advisor and partner working with us to establish and evolve the NCSP. From helping to make the case for the original program, supporting the development of key program elements including integrated risk management and EHS management systems, to providing strategic advice on engagement and our approach to socio-economic benefits and reconciliation, Stratos brought their unique combination of big picture, strategic thinking and practical management consulting advice to support the success of the program.”

Federal Government Executive and Former Executive Director NCSP

For more information on Stratos’ work in Natural Resources, contact Michael Van Aanhout at mvanaanhout@stratos-sts.com