Courtney Kehoe

Senior Consultant
, MSc
613-241-1001 ext. 225

A consultant at Stratos, Courtney brings strong research and analytical skills to the team and demonstrates the ability to communicate complex ideas and arguments clearly and effectively; in a way that is accessible and easily understood by a range of audiences. In all aspects of her work at Stratos, Courtney focuses on working collaboratively, and understands the importance of approaching environmental and sustainability issues from multiple perspectives.

When asked what she likes most about working at Stratos, Courtney is quick to answer: “Every day brings something new and different – be it a project or a perspective. It is clear to me that the work we do here is bringing about meaningful and impactful change”.

Joined Stratos: 2016

Specialty: Courtney understands emerging expectations on the mining sector, and has worked with international standards, including ICMM’s Sustainability Principles and Position Statements, and the IFC Performance Standards. She has supported the sustainability reporting team at Lundin Mining, and understands the importance of clear and focused reporting templates to guide internal reporting. Courtney also has experience working with mining companies to identify and assess the business impacts of - and stakeholder interest in - environmental, social and economic issues that are material to their operations. More recently, her experience in this service area expanded in scope to include the agricultural sector; working with one Canadian-owned company to conduct their first materiality assessment. 

Courtney understands the importance of management schemes that realize local realities and acknowledge not only the resource system but the actors that depend on it and the interactions therein. She has worked with a federal government department to take stock of what has been working well with Canadian northern resource co-management systems and suggest potential areas for future attention. For her Masters’ thesis Courtney travelled to Thailand for four months of field research, and there gathered a more nuanced understanding of ecological change within small-scale fisheries and considered the extent to which communities can become involved in fisheries management, and whether co-management of these fisheries is in fact a viable option.

Prior Work Experience and/or Internships:

  • Research Assistant, New Directions in Environmental Governance Project, York Center for Asian Research
  • Research Assistant, Linking Natural Capital and Productivity Project (NKP), Smart Prosperity Institute


  • Bachelor of Arts, English, Saint Francis Xavier University, 2011
  • Bachelor of Social Science, International Development and Globalization, University of Ottawa, 2014
  • Master of Science, Environmental Sustainability, University of Ottawa, 2016 

One thing many people do not know about Courtney is that she is a seasonal lobster fisher. Two months of the year – for the last ten years – she returns home to Nova Scotia to fish with her father (who is also her business partner). She continues to seize opportunities to incorporate her fisheries background into her work at Stratos.