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Reconciliation is important for all Canadians as we work together to build a better Canada. Rooted in our values of relationships and respect, Stratos has developed a reconciliation strategy that provides us with a starting point for action and dialogue.


Reconciliation is ultimately about building better relations. As a values-based firm, we have always believed in building strong relationships and integrating diverse perspectives and worldviews.  At Stratos we are committed to building new – and nurturing our existingrelationships with friends, colleagues, clients, and trusted partners who identify as Indigenous

Stratos has built a formal partnership with First Peoples Group, an Indigenous advisory firm dedicated to building a better Canada for all. For clients operating in Nunavut, Stratos works in partnership with Aglu Consulting and Training Inc., a majority Inuit-owned and Nunavut-based business with its head office in Rankin Inlet. These partnerships are built upon principles of friendship, community, reciprocity, and transparency. As partners, we recognize that achieving win-win solutions is hard work and we look forward to further advancing the reconciliation and sustainability agendas together.

Stratos is a proud member of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), an organization whose mission is to foster sustainable business relations between First Nations, Inuit and Métis people and Canadian business.

Stratos has long been a trusted partner and friend of mine, working together with the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and other Indigenous organizations to advance economic reconciliation. They understand that environmental, social and governance issues have Indigenous components and continue to demonstrate a strong desire to exercise their influence. They do this through their work in the public, private and non-for-profit sector, to support the full participation of Indigenous peoples in the fabric of this country by way of participation in employment and business development opportunities. I look forward to seeing what the team at Stratos will do next to drive meaningful change”

JP Gladu

Founder & Principal, Mokwateh

Our Reconciliation Strategy

Launched in June 2018, our Reconciliation Strategy has been developed with input and guidance from our partners, including First Peoples Group and is informed by the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

Through our strategy we hope to:

  • build reconciliation into the way we work and behave, both as individuals and as a company
  • better support our clients as they undertake their own journeys of reconciliation
  • exercise our influence to support better outcomes for Indigenous peoples
  • lead by example through our own reconciliation actions

The Strategy identifies three levers for change, including:

  • embedding reconciliation in our business and human resource practices
  • building awareness of reconciliation in our team and the teams of our partners
  • exercising influence through the advice we provide to clients

To see our full Strategy click here.

Since the Strategy’s release, we have witnessed an important shift in our culture. All parts of our business, including our work with our partners and clients, project decisions, individual learning, and internal business processes, are now guided by the Strategy. It has catalyzed change at Stratos, enabling us to challenge assumptions, ask different questions to our clients, and make time to carefully consider how we approach our work as it relates to Indigenous peoples in Canada.

Looking back over the last two years

Stratos is a committed learning organization, which is why we have taken some time to reflect and look back over the first two years of our Reconciliation Strategy. To learn more about our progress journey to date download a PDF of our Reconciliation Journey.