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Senior Consultant, MSc

Courtney Kehoe is a Senior Consultant at Stratos, where she brings five years of experience in research and analysis, the planning, facilitation, and reporting of multi-interest rightsholders and stakeholder engagement sessions, and governance and strategy support. Courtney also leads the implementation of Stratos’ Reconciliation Strategy.

In all aspects of her work at Stratos, Courtney focuses on cultivating strong relationships and understands the importance of approaching environmental and sustainability issues from multiple perspectives. Since joining Stratos in 2016, Courtney has provided strategic analysis and advice for public and private sector clients – including various federal government departments and agencies such as Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the National Research Council of Canada, and Polar Knowledge Canada.

Courtney brings over 12 years of seasonal experience in Nova Scotia’s lobster fishing industry and continues to seize opportunities to incorporate her fisheries background into her work at Stratos - including her understanding of the importance of management schemes that realize local realities and acknowledge not only the resource system but the actors that depend on it and the interactions therein.

Courtney holds a Master of Science in Environmental Sustainability and a Bachelor of Social Science, International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa, as well as a Bachelor of Arts, English from Saint Francis Xavier University.