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Consultant, MSc

Isha Mistry joined Stratos as a Consultant in 2021. She is driven by developing meaningful relationships to advance sustainability and resilience at the interface of social and ecological systems. Isha has worked with a range of clients and organizations in both her professional and academic career in the topics of water governance, agriculture, and systems thinking. She has experience in designing and implementing multi-stakeholder engagement and facilitation. Isha has supported multiple community-based initiatives through research and strategic advice to advance their sustainability goals. She translates complex problems and different perspectives into actionable deliverables within and between community and policy contexts.

Prior to joining Stratos, Isha worked at Environment and Climate Change Canada, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada, Collective Responsibility, and Mount Wolfe Farm.
Isha holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Sustainability (MSc) from the University of Ottawa. Her research focused on collaborative governance in the Rideau Canal and stakeholder engagement. Previously, she completed a bachelor’s in environmental studies (BES) degree from the University of Waterloo. Isha also holds a Diploma in Environmental Assessment and a Global Experience Certificate. Her undergraduate research focused on using relationship building to bridge Western and Indigenous knowledge systems in small scale agri-business.

Besides her work at Stratos, Isha is continuing her research on Eastern Ontario’s national historic waterways as a Research Associate at the University of Ottawa and is on the Environmental Studies Association of Canada’s Board of Directors. Isha leads an active lifestyle and enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone.