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Associate, PhD

After many years as an academic researcher both in Canada and Europe, Kathy came to live in Yellowknife to pursue a career in the areas of environmental science and management.  During her 12 years as an NWT resident, she has held a number of senior positions within the federal government as well as with the regulatory boards created under the Mackenzie Valley Resources Management Act.  In all of her roles, Kathy strives to combine her scientific expertise with her strong communication skills and knowledge of the North to provide the regulatory Boards with recommendations for the management of major developments that balance environmental protection with the economic goals of local people.  Her work as Technical Director with the Land and Water Boards in particular has resulted in several policy and guidance documents, providing greater clarity and consistency to the NWT regulatory system.

Kathy graduated with a Ph. D. in chemistry/biochemistry in 1996 and then continued her scientific training with four years of post-doctoral research at universities in France, Germany and Canada. In an effort to supplement her scientific skills, Kathy also undertook a two year course in life coaching which has given her enhanced skills in communicating with individuals and in facilitating productive group discussions.  Her combined training has made her especially good at explaining complicated scientific information to lay people who want to be more involved in regulatory decision making. For every project she participates in, Kathy strives to combine her skills as a communicator with the expert knowledge she has gained through her many years of experience working within the Northern legislative and regulatory environment.Outside of the office, Kathy’s main interests are music, running, and trying to keep up with her young daughter.