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Environmental, Social & Governance

 Developing effective tools to manage ESG risks and opportunities and drive improved performance.

Science, Innovation & Clean Economy

Supporting collaborative and inclusive science, innovation and clean economy policies, programs and initiatives.


Working with stakeholders through the full lifecycle of Natural Resources stewardship.

Conservation & Nature

Advancing stewardship solutions to Canada’s complex conservation landscape.

Regime & Regulatory Excellence

Combining knowledge with organizational expertise to support effective and efficient regulatory practice.

Working together on the transition to a clean and inclusive world.

Stratos collaborates with clients and partners to solve complex environmental, social and governance problems. We do this by understanding the context, integrating perspectives, and making connections. In all that we do, we aim to spark positive change and support the transition to a clean and inclusive world.




Celebrating 20 Years of Stratos

Celebrating 20 Years of Stratos

In 2000, our ambition was to create a bold, values-based company that would support a sustainable planet. Our five founding partners spent a lot of time thinking about a company name, including one that was also available as a domain name on the internet. After much...

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Our Reconciliation Journey

Stratos is a committed learning organization which is why we have taken some time to reflect and look back over these first two years of our Reconciliation Strategy. Since its launch in June 2018, we have worked to ensure that our team has the tools needed to build meaningful relationships with Indigenous peoples and that our projects respect and support the principles of reconciliation.


Community & Environmental Impact

At Stratos, we strive to make the world a better place socially and environmentally.

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