Stratos is the management consultancy for governments, businesses and civil society organizations seeking sophisticated counsel to help them navigate complex environmental, socio-economic and governance issues in a rapidly changing world.


Given the importance of the Natural Resource sector to Canada’s economy, we see our work here as an opportunity to influence sustainable development and to participate in the important work of nation building.  In addition to natural resources, we work with a wide variety of other sectors, including consumer, retail and financial.

We understand the complex environment in which our clients operate: multi-interest, multi-jurisdictional, cross-sectoral, cross-departmental.

We are for any organization genuinely committed to systemic or meaningful change.


We recognize that one actor alone can’t resolve the big, sticky issues of our day.

Viable solutions – creative, long-term solutions – only happen when different combinations of people – governments and regulators, corporations, Indigenous communities and organizations, industry associations and other collectives – come together.  

Our broad experience across government, business and civil society uniquely positions us as collaborators, integrators and insightful partners for change.  


We work in all jurisdictions across Canada and around the world.

Scroll over the map to learn how we are helping a sample of our Canadian clients address their sustainability risks and opportunities. Pins with a maple leaf represent pan Canadian projects.





1. Mining industry association sustainability program design

Supported performance improvement in the mining industry by helping design and implement the voluntary Towards Sustainable Mining Initiative (TSM) and facilitating the industry's national community of interest panel, work for which we jointly received an award for Excellence in Corporate Sustainably. Other Canadian and international jurisdictions are looking to adopt similar initiatives.

1.1 Enabling regulatory reform and improvements

Stratos works to support governments in the analysis and implementation of regulatory reforms and improvements related to natural resources management. Our work has included several projects for the Federal Provincial Territorial Regulatory Reform Working Group, including projects for Natural Resources Canada, the Major Projects Management Office, Alberta Energy, Government of the Northwest Territories and the Mackenzie Valley Co-Management Boards. Key areas of work include: innovative governance analysis and design, benchmarking studies of regulatory practices and facilitation of Federal Provincial Territorial Regulatory Reform Working Group workshops to improve regulatory alignment across the country.

1.2 Ongoing strategic and advisory support for Federal contaminated sites program

Stratos has supported Indigenous and Northern Development Canada's (INAC) Northern Contaminated Sites Program for over 15 years. This work has included strategic planning, governance and management support, staff orientation and training, environmental management system development, Indigenous engagement and risk management.

1.3 Strategic support and advice to the Major Projects Management Office

Stratos has worked with the Natural Resource Canada's Major Projects Management Office (MPMO) at several critical points since it's establishment in 2007. This has included working with the Assistant Deputy Minister on strategic planning, in its early days; moderating a retreat of its Department/Agency Deputy Ministers Committee to set the overall objectives, principles and priorities for their work, advising and supporting MPMO's co-leadership of the federal/provincial/territorial Regulatory Reform Working group; and conducting many cross-jurisdictional analytical studies of regulatory regimes and practices.

1.4 Resource sector water sustainability program design

Supported the National Round Table on the Environment and Economy (NRTEE) with the design and implementation of its Program on Water Sustainability and the Future of Canada’s Natural Resource Sectors, including research and multi-sector (mining, nuclear power, oil and gas, agriculture, and forestry) meeting facilitation.

2. Pipeline association sustainability program design and implementation

Supporting continuous improvement through collective action by providing advice on the design and implementation of a sector-based performance program for Canadian pipeline companies, including designing and delivering training sessions, helping determine issue priorities, and facilitating the association's External Advisory Panel.

3. Sustainability disclosure for the banking sector

Strengthened performance measurement and disclosure for RBC by conducting a material issues analysis and providing strategic advice on emerging performance indicators linked to standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), as well as advice on improved sustainability reporting.

4. Supporting contaminated site governance and remediation

Stratos supported INAC in its oversight and joint management of the Faro Mine Remediation Project (FMRP). This includes facilitating a governance transition with the Yukon Government, supporting technical reviews and managing project risks to improve performance and remediation outcomes. Stratos also supported the Yukon Government on this project, by conducting a health and safety hazard assessment, risk workshop facilitation and reporting, as well as strategic planning.

5. Resource co-management body organizational review

Undertook an organizational review of the Joint Secretariat of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region to determine whether the organization was meeting its objectives and to determine the sufficiency of its organizational practices. This review was undertaken to support preparations for the next phase of final agreement implementation funding negotiations and to effectively plan for the future needs of the organization.

6. Reviewing financial securities and program design

Prior to devolution in Northwest Territories Stratos provided policy and program design / implementation assistance to the Environment and Conservation Division of INAC. This included reviewing financial securities under the Environmental Agreements for diamond mines and supporting the design and implementation of the Cumulative Impact Monitoring Program (CIMP).

6.1 Co-management board organizational improvement

Stratos has supported the land and water boards of the Mackenzie Valley in improving organizational outcomes through delivery of board training, organizational design, staff workshops to improve collaboration and efficiencies, and work to develop or streamline regulatory and other internal processes.

6.2 Contaminated sites risk management support

Stratos has provided ongoing strategic program management services for the Giant Mine Remediation Project (GMRP) including subject matter expertise, advice, guidance and implementation support. Specific work has included: governance, policy, integrated risk management, performance measurement, regulatory strategy, strategic planning and work planning, training, stakeholder engagement, audit and other related strategic management services. Recently, we worked with GMRP to engage Indigenous stakeholders in a risk management exercise.

7. Supporting mining community wellness

Stratos supports Agnico Eagle Mines (AEM) on a number of initiatives to enhance the socio-economic benefits of the Meadowbank Gold Mine in Nunavut's Kivalliq region, including the development of a community wellness initiative for the hamlet of Baker Lake. Stratos worked on the ground with Inuit residents to better understand wellness impacts (both positive and negative) and identify opportunities for Agnico Eagle to work with the community on improvements.

8. Mineral resource development profiles

Stratos supported INAC in creating mineral resource development profiles for each of Nunavut's three regions - Kivalliq, Kitikmeot and Qikiqtani. These profiles combine in-depth research and analysis with insights from community, government and industry representatives. They outline the range of issues affecting mineral resource development, including barriers and opportunities for development outcomes that meet local needs and expectations.

9. Preparing for a strategic environmental assessment

To help prepare INAC for discussions with communities on a strategic regional environmental assessment, Stratos developed a framework to characterize the potential socio-economic benefits and environmental impacts that could result from offshore oil and gas exploration and development in the eastern Arctic. Described at local, regional, and territorial scales, and across a typical development lifecycle, the work also identified some of the necessary conditions and capacities required to realize potential socioeconomic benefits.

10. Indigenous CSR strategy

The Nunatsiavut Group of Companies (NGC) is the business arm of the Nunatsiavut Government, a regional Inuit government in Labrador. Stratos supported the NGC in the development of their corporate social responsibility strategy. We worked closely with NGC board and staff members to align the strategy with their values and priorities - from commitments to key performance indicators.

11. Public sustainability reporting

Helped J.D. Irving Forest and Forest Products initiate public sustainability reporting, performance measurement and material issue analysis.

12. Sustainability gap assessment for public utility

Helped build buy-in to and usefulness of a corporate sustainability action plan and reporting framework by conducting an assessment of Hydro-Québec's current sustainability practices against best practices and crafting several strategic options for leadership consideration.

13. Preparing for regional environmental management in the Ring of Fire

Helped prepare both federal and provincial agencies for the expected development pressures and environmental risks in the Far North of Ontario,  particularly in the Ring of Fire region, including exploring the use of regional environmental approaches.

14. Supporting environmental leadership for Canadian mining company

Strengthened Cameco's approach to environmental leadership and corporate sustainability reporting by through peer benchmarking and advice on aligning with leading practices, including the Global Reporting Initiative's (GRI's) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

15. Enabling Alberta's integrated resource management regime

The province of Alberta uses an Integrated Resource Management System (IRMS) to set policy and responsibly manage the development of natural resources in a coordinated and integrated fashion. Stratos has supported a number of the IRMS departments / agencies with governance and organizational reviews, analyses, strategic and operational planning and stakeholder engagement. Through our support to IRMS agencies, we have worked on environmental monitoring, emergency management, Indigenous relations, climate change and socio-economic impacts.

16. Oil sands environmental innovation

Worked to accelerate environmental technology innovation in Canada's oil sands by facilitating the collaborative design and stand-up of Canada's oil sands innovation alliance.

16.1 Construction project environmental performance management

Developed and administered a performance management approach to help Walmart Canada achieve its ambitious environmental goals for the construction and operation of a perishable distribution center in Alberta. We also provided orientation for all new staff and reviewed a range of technologies to assess sustainability contributions.

17. Supporting improved oil sands sustainability performance

Stratos supports better environmental and social outcomes for oil sands companies through a range of services including stakeholder advisory panels, risk management, management systems support, performance benchmarking, research projects and support for strategic initiatives. We have expertise across a range of issues including social license / public confidence, greenhouse gases, community well-being and Aboriginal engagement. Some of our clients include: Syncrude, Cenovus, Devon Energy and ConocoPhillips.

18. Supporting Indigenous participation in mining

Worked to strengthen Teck's relationships with Indigenous peoples by supporting the development of Teck's Indigenous Peoples Policy as well as working with Teck Coal and the Ktunaxa Nation Council to lay the foundation for successful implementation of an impact and benefits sharing agreement in the Elk Valley of B.C.